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Computer Scienceย a month ago

Looking for advice/referrals for AI/ML with an undergrad degree

Hey everyone I just graduated this past weekend with my BS in comp sci with an Artificial Intelligence concentration and a data science minor. I'm hoping to get an AI/ML job while i save up for grad school and was looking for any advice/refrerals for getting into AI/ML with just an undergrad degree.ย 
madscienceSoftware Engineerย a month ago
Seems like that'll be an uphill battle without the PhD. I've read that many folks got standard SWE jobs in the meantime. AI/ML has a super high bar. I don't have direct experience myself with AI/ML specific roles/teams, though, so I may be off the mark a bit there. In any case, congrats on the graduation and best of luck with the search!
YyyzMachine Learning Engineerย a month ago
PhD isnโ€™t necessary, at least from what Iโ€™ve experienced.



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