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jupenurΒ inΒ Β 
Security Software EngineerΒ 4 months ago

Looking for fully remote open source work?

Mattermost is hiring.Β Current openings include SWE, AppSec/ProdSec, SecOps, GRC, SRE and many more.

Obvious perks:

  • All-remote. Remote works really well when there's no office at all.
  • Open source. Mattermost has an open core business model and in most roles nearly all of the work you'll be doing will be open source. Fridays are dedicated to contributing to open source projects of your choosing.
  • Good TC and benefits. All the basic stuff including home office budgets, training budgets, books, home internet, etc.
  • Highly skilled colleagues, good working environment, plenty of opportunity to grow, clear level definitions and career paths also outside of management, etc. etc.

A bit more about TC: Mattermost does "location-based pay" like many other companies, which may sound like a red flag to many. I can't say what the reality is in other regions, but as someone in the EU, the pay is GOOD. I've seen multiple people here ask questions like "how can I get to ${high number} TC as an SWE in ${European city}". Mattermost pays in those "high" ranges, and at least in my case the TC is almost all base pay.

I work as a Security Engineer at Mattermost and do some of the technical interviewing. AMA.
Careers | Join the Mattermost Team

Careers | Join the Mattermost Team

Join the team that is helping the world build better software by aligning teams, tools, and processes across each stage of the development lifecycle.

randomguy123Software EngineerΒ 4 months ago
Love your company! Made a contribution to your server project once on Github and got a coffee cup from y'all.
jupenurSecurity Software EngineerΒ 4 months ago
That's so great to hear!

The thing with the coffee mugs is actually a bit of a joke internally because we're handing out so many. Most staff members have a different company-branded mug for each day of the week πŸ˜„