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Career Trends for ME

Mechanical engineer that started my career as a contract project engineer in the aerospace and defense sector to a plant manager position for nights. I've been working there for two years. I'm considering whether to continue in the aerospace sector or move to tech or start-ups. Which skills should I consider investing in for data analysis, machine learning, AI, and coding for the next 10 years?
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I'd say invest in whichever skills make you happy. If ML is most interesting to you, just do ML. If Mechanical Engineering is most interesting, stick with ME. I have a bachelors of science in Mechanical Engineering but focused on Control Systems since it interested me most. That translated into data science, and now machine learning in my career. We have no idea what the next 10 years will look, but the math and coding skills behind data analysis and ML/AI will definitely benefit you. Make sure you understand the math behind the algos, and ensure you can code them up.