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Pursue degree or no?

It's always been a goal of mine to get a bachelor's and be financially stable. I've worked at my company for nearly 7 years now. I'm single, no kids, high cost of living area making about 77k. Just car debt. 

I've wanted to get a comp sci degree for ages and been slowly working toward it, I have about 2 years left. I'm feeling really burnt out and with how things are in the market right now I'm seriosuly considering if the work/school grind is worth it. 

My raises at my current company are usually about 2% so nothing exciting there. I do have some genuine interest in things like autonomous underwater vehicles, systems engineering and biotech. But I don't know how I would actually pursue those things with a cs or swe degree. If I'm honest it would likely be a swe degree. 

Have any of you made the jump from another career? Was it worth it? Looking for any and all opinions. 
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ayomussiSoftware Engineer  
If you want to pursue a degree go for WGU.

You can speed run the degree with the amount of experience you have
leetunderflowSoftware Engineer  
^^^ this. I got my Bachelors at WGU even though I had 10 years of SWE experience. No one really cared/asked if I had a degree, but you never know nowadays