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Product Manager 11 days ago

Product opportunity at a 'non-tech' employer

Hi All:

I have 7 YOE as PM ( 6- YOE at Microsoft - Sr PM' ; 1-YOE at a startup - Principal PM). Overall I have 15 YOE. Qualification - Mech Engg+ MBA.

I got laid off at the startup and eventually found an opportunity at a financial institution (mortgage servicer) in Dallas. They want me to relocate from Seattle to Dallas. Comp is almost the same i.e. TC=240k/Yr

The main concern is that I would be the first PM in the org and would be responsible for building PM discipline. Its a 500 ppl company, Eng team is mostly outsourced. They want to use products to optimize internal operations and eventually offer some SaaS for mortgage servicing sector.

Q- I am not sure how good or bad would it be to work in a non-tech company, vs a tech company (FAANG, Microsoft etc.)?

Cons- I wont have more experienced PMs or exceptional Enggs to learn from. Domain expertise in mortgage servicing may not be useful as it is a very niche industry.

meliodusProduct Manager at Intel11 days ago
A lot depends on what your career goals are. What made consider the offer to change your work domain?
If you want to continue in financial industry it seems like a good switch that you can continue to build on by moving to different companies in that domain.
As per the con you mentioned it's also a good opportunity for you to lead the entire team in establishing best practices.



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