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Product Designer whiteboarding @ Meta

How much back and forth is appropriate in the whiteboarding exercise in terms of questions on the design prompt? I had that exercise at Amazon, and the person suggested that he'd rather passively observe, rather than to hear and respond to any probing questions. That really caught me off guard because I'm so used to diving deep into the problem statement before designing anything. Should I expect similar with Meta?
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That's really strange, I would almost perceive that as inexperience or laziness. I find the the best candidates ask lots of questions to shape the problem, user, needs, goals, etc. Before getting started. I haven't interviewed at Meta in a while, but it's very common that the interviewer would want to work with the candidate to track their thought process. Otherwise what is the interviewer going to annotate from the session, "Candidate can draw really well"? Seems like they're not super experienced.



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