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Thoughts on Grammarly “remote first” hybrid approach?

Teams meet 2-4 weeks per quarter in-office. Seems like a lot, how can anyone with a family manage that? That said, salary seems well above average. But the "remote first" policy is phony to me.
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Openings | Grammarly Careers

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They clearly don't respect or trust their employees. The problem with on-site work - especially for that long - is that I'm not just putting in 8 hours, but 24 hours as I can't do ANYthing from my personal life if I have to commute across the country. I can't spend time with friends, go to events, engage in hobbies, go to my gym. I need to hire babysitters and pet sitters. I need to be separated from my children and spouse and other loved ones. 4 weeks per quarter at 24 hours per day taken out of my life is 672 hours per quarter: That's a LOT more than the 520 hours per quarter I'd spend at a local 9 - 5. Fuck that!
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Good way of looking at it



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