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Stuck on Square's team matching process

Hi like a couple post here, I interviewed for square for I think a L5 backend position. Recruiter said I have very positive feedback but the team that was supposed to take me lost their head count so I need to match to a different team. It's been almost 2 months since then, I've been applying to other jobs, but no offers yet. Anyone can shed some light on their process? It does seem they took a lot of postings down from their careers page.

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From my experience back in the day, the recruiter did a lot of the legwork in trying to connect me with different teams and sharing my profile, but I've been hearing more stories about how people keep getting trapped in the team-matching process for a lot of different companies. Not sure what's happening there but it seems like a massive waste of money and effort to interview someone and not try to get them into the company ASAP