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Software Engineer at Spotifya year ago

An engineering manager at Spotify wants to know...

Name something that a manager or leader has done to positively impact your career or life in general?

I think questions like these are important when you're in interviews because it helps surface the kind of character and values your potential colleagues have. Culture is just a huge motivator for me whether its in-person or virtual. Talent is important, but when it comes to retention and consistency over time, culture wins every time.


HBKSoftware Engineer a year ago
My manager cares about people more than the company. He likes to say, if you take care of the people, the people will take care of the company. He’s more than happy to accommodate time off requests, altered schedules, and and mentor toward career building even when it means the employee will eventually leave (grow to a different team or company). He truly believes that when the employee is happy then everyone, the company included, will benefit. And I feel happy, and have stayed happily.