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Non-tech to tech?

Hi all, 

I'm looking for advice to assess whether I should upskill and transition into tech. I've been at Amazon for 5 years, and now currently an L5 in a non-tech role. I'm not satisfied with my current salary (£55k) and have acquired *some* data to suggest that upskilling may increase my salary. I have no idea what to transition into though. Please help:

I have an MSc in Political Science from UCL for context. 

1. Which tech roles would be the easiest to transition into as someone with no IT or STEM background?

2. Is it worth it? Is the pay worth the extra effort of studying and getting certified in X field? 

Thanks in advance 

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I have worked with many TPM, engineering managers, software engineers from non-tech backgrounds. Here’s my observation with limited dataset (15ish people). Non tech engineering managers were eventually “destroyed” by engineers due to their lack of solid engineering skills. The ones who moved up slowly got bad feedback and left; the ones with strong political skills moved up, but ended up being fired when not making correct actionable initiatives. TPMs were similar to EMs but not as extreme. Engineer without a degree is where things get interesting, in short, it’s about your actual passion. Is it writing code and solving hard problem? Does doing things like this give you dopamine? People I met who answered yes with their actions ended up with engineers just as good if not better than many of the CS majored ones. The ones who only wanted 6 figure salary, the vibe and WLB all ended up with being React front end engineers that are super easy to be replaced and laid off. So, passion is what makes up the knowledge gap. You have to work extra to gain what someone learned in 4-6 years in college.
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