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dickey in  
Software Engineer 3 months ago

What should an 18 year old do to get his first tech job?

I am 18, I taught myself to code when I was 14 and I have started a plethora of projects, small startups, and free services. I am not going to be continuing on to college. I have applied to a few jobs, but so far I haven't gotten any emails back. What should I do to better present myself to companies to get them to look past my age and look at my skills?

H8166iqtfGSoftware Engineer 3 months ago
The biggest challenge you’ll have is culture fit. You’re still a kid. Even college grads mature somewhat during their 4 years living on campus. It’s like a sandbox before you face the real world.

You probably won’t mesh with teams and understand the environment in a way that won’t negatively impact your performance too. Not trying to be mean. I have two kids in college and I see how being independent has helped them take care of themselves and be responsible.