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Passed, rejected, have follow-up call. Advice?

I had a series of interviews with a well-known tech company, and all signs pointed to me being a 'yes'. However, the recruiter kept postponing giving me my results until about 2 weeks had passed. Then they messaged me saying they found another candidate with 'more experience in the role'. I've been asked if they can keep my information on file for future roles.

My take - If they were happy with my performance, they should have made an offer. I wasn't impressed that they waited to see how another candidate compared to someone they approved of. 

I have a 15-minute follow up call with them next week, not much time. I want to get the most out of it that I can. Should I communicate my disappointment to them? What are the chances they'll actually call me for a future role? Do you think I can get referrals for my interview?
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This is rare to have a follow-up after a rejection. Take advantage of it, this person is trying to be your ally. Partner with them and make the most of it.

Temper your expectations that recruiters in large companies have narrow scope with what groups they hire into, so also likely something won't come out of it if they haven't already referred you to talk to another hiring manager.