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Technical Project Managerย 5 months ago

Feel stuck

Been with the same company, group, role for a few years now. Love the company, people and role actually, but im feeling stuck in my career. As i have not had any real career progression. I have applied to a decent amount of positions, mainly to see what is out there, but not getting any bites

Any advice
igorilioTechnical Program Managerย 5 months ago
The first thing that comes to my mind is... what does "mainly to see what is out there"? It sounds to me like you don't take it seriously. Do you have the top 3 companies you'd like to work for? Do you know what they need? Have you spent time learning about their culture? Have you done any research, or tried to reach out to the people in the same position in these companies? Why did you try to check the market? What do you want from your job? What is your plan etc, etc. I'll be honest (as well as the market)... I'd expect a more specific problem statement from TPM. So maybe there are people around who may look more interesting to these employers? Good luck in your endeavor!



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