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How to get contacted by employers/recruiters more frequently?

I will spend a few hours every week adjusting different copies of my resume to match jobs, finding interesting jobs either on Levels or on LinkedIn and applying to a lot of them, but I hardly ever hear back from anyone. I'm a full stack engineer with around 4 years experience and am not sure what should be done differently to increase how often I'm reached out to. I've been in my current role for about a year and 2 months, and while it pays a little under market, is very comfortable and is fully remote, so I can afford to be picky with positions that are also remote/pay significantly more. I've only had a few calls that lead to any sort of interview, and one interview that lead to an offer in the past 6 months, and while it paid better it also required a long commute and was fully in person. If anyone has advice I'd be happy to hear it.

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Unfortunately, that's just kind of the market nowadays. You might be able to improve your resume and linkedin profile to attract more eyes, but there are so many mid-level SWEs out there looking for work now that it's hard to stand apart from the crowd too much.
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Yeah I'm about to start my masters in CS so maybe that will help me stand out, but I'm not sure how anyone gets a job in this market nowadays. Either connections or full-time applying on company websites or something is what comes to mind.



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