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Software Engineerย 6 months ago

Do I have to pay back sign on if I fail PIP

just been pip'd, curious if I will have to pay back the sign on (on contract it just says if I leave before 1 calendar year I do, nothing about being fired). Anyone with info please.

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UnknownSoftware Engineering Managerย 6 months ago
If you're based in the US you can take FMLA and pause the pip. Then max out your use of your pto.

That should give you a few weeks to look for another position and then when you get back (even if you have another gig) force them to actually follow through and fire you so they can't try to claim you left before the 1 year.

Depending on the company you could also ask about severance pay and some companies will pay you just to leave. It really all depends how old you are, sex, ethnicity and a few other things.

19g616l14gq004Software Engineerย 6 months ago
Thanks for the advice, I will do that, I have 12days of PTO left so that should be a good start.



Software Engineer