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Software Engineering Manager 2 months ago

Principal Engineering Manager interview at Microsoft

Hi all,

I have been invited to the interview loop at Microsoft. Any advice on what to expect and prepare for the code review & system design, people management & behavioural interviews at Microsoft? 

Particularly curious on the code review interview as I couldn’t find any references to actual code review examples other than general code review best practices. Microsoft has been a dream company for me personally and hoping to prepare the best I can.

ridaSoftware Engineering Manager 2 months ago
I am curious to know on the process to get these calls for final loop. I have been trying for the past few months and went through references as well but no luck.

Code review interviews are tricky sometimes. It all depends on the interviewer. Typically they look for your mastery in helping junior engineers with your expertise. Ask clarifying questions, add comments, modify code if needed. Provide optimal solution through comments or sometimes they ask you to implement. Treat it as like you are reviewing code of your team members.
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