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FrothyMonkΒ inΒ Β 
15 days ago

Searching for summer 2023 SWE internship referrals and resume advice 😬

Hello everyone,

I am searching for a better internship for Summer 2023. I currently have a couple of remote offers in hand that are in the $25-$30 pay range and although they are both F500 and good overall opportunities, I really want to land something more impactful to both my resume and wallet. This is my second degree and I am graduating in Spring 2024 (will have completed all mid-level courses by Summer 2023)

Oddly enough, my two current offers are the only two actual interviews I have actually gotten over the course of 390+ applications. So I think my interviewing is really solid, but having serious struggles getting to that point so maybe it is a resume issue.

If anyone has any CS-related internship opportunities or referrals to offer I would be greatly appreciative and responsive to whatever it is. I want to gather as much exposure as possible to help narrow down what exactly I want to be in my career.

I have also attached my resume if anyone wants to comment.

I really appreciate this community and hope you're all doing well in this rough cycle. πŸ’ͺ 😀 πŸ’ͺ


frozensnowFull-Stack Software EngineerΒ 15 days ago
I didn't know people negotiate coop offers now. Back in the day it was just a choice between what company and almost all of them paid πŸ₯œ. Like literally a little bit above minimum wage. Usually around the amount the government reimburses them for. Free labor is free for a reason. My advice is choose based on company and project. High TC comes naturally with experience and willingness to go shopping when you are FT
FrothyMonk15 days ago
Oh, I'm not negotiating with my offers, I know I don't have any leverage or bargaining power in my situation. I am definitely grateful for the opportunities. Both of them are well-reviewed companies on very cool projects with some cutting-edge tech. I am very content with them, just would love to find something on the next tier up. For me, it's a "why not" thing. Definitely agree regarding TC, hopefully this experience will help me grow and level up quicker. Btw what does FT stand for?



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