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I'm currently a junior at a low level university, but I've been working as an Web/Data Solution developer for the last 4 months. I've been contracted to work for the company until next May, after which I'm interested in a more research oriented position. I'm not picky about the topic of research or whether it's at a company or educational institute. I just wanted someone to point me in the right direction on where to look for the types of internships and maybe some companies that have good research departments.

If that doesn't seen attainable maybe just a good independent start for myself would be a helpful information too.

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undertoneSoftware Engineer  
I'd look for a research scientist type role at a company, but that does require some graduate level experience. Depending on the field, I'd also ask your professors if they have connections to industry (they often do), and they can refer you or at the very least let you know about the opportunities. I've found that most professors have been quite receptive to these types of emails if you genuinely ask and express excitement about the type of work you're interested in.
Thank you for the recommendation, I’ll definitely reach out to my professors. Do you know any good companies for research scientists off the top of your head?