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Computer Science a month ago

SWE: What to choose between a bank and CERN?

Hello everyone,

A question for the software engineers out there. I potentially have a grad scheme offer at a bank, including three rotations and one rotation abroad (probably Singapore) lasting 18 months in total and also a grad scheme offer from CERN working in the data team lasting 24 months in total. The net salary is almost the same and I currently live in the same city as the bank, also a permanent position is guaranteed after the graduate scheme with the bank but no guarantee for CERN.

What would you guys choose? I am tempted by the bank but I don't think Ill ever have an opportunity again to work at CERN.

Thanks for your recommendations!

noobmaster420Computer Science a month ago
If I were you, I'd go for CERN, that's a lifetime opportunity, and with that portfolio, you'll easily get a great offer after 24 months from anywhere else.
BayabooComputer Science a month ago
Thanks! That’s also what I’m thinking