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SWE Compensation at BioTech companies

I'm curious to know what people make at various biotechs and which biotechs have the best compensation. I've found a lot of the larger biotech companies I know of don't have numbers on this site. Based off of my experience, SWE salaries at biotechs are most often lower than that at a similarly sized tech company, but interested to here of others' experiences.

pragmaticProduction Software Engineerย 11 days ago
A couple years ago I moved from a large biotech in San Diego to a large tech company in Seattle. The job level was about the same. My title actually was downgraded by a level. But the total compensation was about 80% more. It should be noted though that my biotech job had better work/life balance. But I think on the whole for me it was a good choice to take the tech job. In my view, biotech will never pay as much as tech, because the biotech employees are more likely find their jobs meaningful and fulfilling, and as a result they are willing to accept lower compensation. The management knows this and they take full advantage.



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