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Site Reliability (SRE)ย 6 months ago

Switch to Google? But which profile??

Believe me, every input will matter a lot

Hi Folks

About me : working as a SRE from last 15 months at IBM ( Client to my parent service based company ), Total WE : 2 yrs.

Now, I want to switch to a good company which appreciates its employees in all possible ways (1st pref. : Google)

However I want to switch into another job profile ( Development, Devops etc etc..)

Please suggest the job profile
- Easy to learn
- Good Pay scale
- Job opportunities (for someone having exp. in a different job profile)

Thanks a lot in advance!!

madscienceSoftware Engineerย 6 months ago
DevOps will probably be your best bet, the skillsets transfer easily enough and devops seems to be an upcoming skill as well
madscienceSoftware Engineerย 6 months ago
I would highly consider whether or not Google really cares about its employees though, considering their forcing everyone back into office, no bonuses, etc.