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Computer Scienceย a year ago

Copywriter Gigs

Hi there - I'm coming to the end of an APM internship at a large tech company, and I am looking to do some freelancing for afterward to earn some money. I really enjoy blogging and writing in general and was wondering if anyone knew of any paid gigs to copywrite articles or blog posts around Product Management or related fields? Thanks!

012nijHYTProduct Managerย a year ago
Are you in any professional product associations? One that comes to mind is MindTheProduct and if you have a local group, reach out to the leaders there and ask. Even if they don't have any right now, perhaps they can use your help in other ways, like finding speakers. And while you're doing all of this, you're building relationships with professionals who can vouch for you and refer you for roles when they come up. It's a win-win.
L1y1hy3j3Full-Stack Software Engineerย a year ago