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Hardware Engineer 7 months ago

Glassdoor ratings and how companies get bad reviews removed

Saw this article:

Thought it had some really interesting insight with regard to Glassdoor and how companies are able to remove bad reviews.

TL;DR: Glassdoor will typically only remove reviews if it breaks their terms of service. Some companies have dedicated HR reps to flag rule-breaking submissions in an effort to get them removed and keep the high reviews.

Layoffs push down scores on Glassdoor: this is how companies respond

Layoffs push down scores on Glassdoor: this is how companies respond

Several tech companies face a fresh problem after cutting jobs: their rating on Glassdoor nosedives. But there’s a way they can fix this. I show what companies are doing - and why.
bcnecoProgram Manager 7 months ago
I think Glassdoor is a good idea in theory, but it can be so tough to validate these reviews, even as just a general user. Like Amazon is a massive company, how can you really consider a review that's like "Amazon treats everyone like crap." Like sure the overall culture might push people hard, but there's gotta be good teams in there with good managers who don't follow that. I think it's definitely a lot more useful if you look at the objective reviews that mention overall company policies, like with regard to PTO, benefits, etc.
madscienceSoftware Engineer 7 months ago
Yeah I saw a comment on HN that summed it up well, but basically treat it like Amazon reviews. Look for trends and, if there aren't any, then it's likely a bad actor or just someone with a personal vendetta. If I see multiple people say that like team offsites are boring garbage, I'll definitely consider that over than if just one person said it.