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I'm an 18 year old male in the UK, planning on going into university or do an apprenticeship next year. The problem I'm facing is I'm not sure of what specific field within tech to go into and don't know what choice will be objectively the "better" choice. Would appreciate some help in making a decision.
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Wherever you get hired, ICT internships are rare and you need to bring more than a degree to the table.
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An apprenticeship is slightly different to an internship. They're slowly becoming more popular in the UK. It's a 4 year program where you work at a company 4 days a week and go to university 1 day a week. It's pretty beneficial as they pay all tuition fees and you get experience. But as with all good things, I understand it would be quite hard to get into one and I probably will not be able to. Do you recommend any specific bootcamps, courses or anything of the sort?