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Backend Software Engineerย 9 months ago

Cohesity Offer

Hey People,

I have an offer with Cohesity India for the Sustaining Engineering role.

May I know

  • how the company is doing?
  • the Work Culture?
  • Compensation Standard?
  • Levels/Designations
  • Growth opportunity?
  • Insights about Sustaining Engineering work?

I would appreciate any inputs reg. the same.

Best Regards

telescopeSoftware Engineerย 8 months ago
What is Sustaining Engineering? Itโ€™s my first time hearing about it
19g615l1yl2r6cBackend Software Engineerย 8 months ago
Sustaining Engineering is basically about the 'serviceability' of the product. They are kind of layer of Dev team that is exposed to real time customer escalations. If the support engineers can't understand an issue OR can't to come up with a proper action plan to resolve a live customer issue, they come to the sustaining engineers. Apart from providing a proper action plan to bring customer up and running, the reponsibility of sustaining engineers could involve root causing the issues and writing the fix/enhancements if needed.