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How Much Does Education Impact FAANG-like TC?

When we're interviewing for my teams (non faang, fortune 50), we care what they know, how they figure shit out they dont know, and how they are to work/interact with. We genuinely dont look at education unless something sticks out. When we decide to hire, sure its part of our overall decision, but like 5% of it, maybe (again, unless there's outliers in their education). Not sure how HR considers edu exp when negotiating comp after we're done interviewing though...ย 

How does it work for the 20+ companies on Levels.fyi SWE roles? Most will be leetcode/system design interviews that anyone who nails the questions seems to get an offer at. But when sorting by TC, most at the top have Master's+ listed in their offer details. Is this a correlation or causation? Are candidates performing the same on interiews but negotiating higher TC when they have masters due to company policy/practices? Or are the masters folks just performing better on average because they've got an extra 6+ years of studying before that interview?
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It definitely matters way less than other industries. Especially for most top companies, it's mainly based on your interview performance. A lot of people have masters, but there's actually a whole ton that just have a bachelors that are pulling in the same salary ranges. The only exception is when you have a PhD. At most large companies you start off at the second level (E4 at FB) as a new grad with a PhD (esp for Research / Applied Scientist titles) and so the salary range is naturally higher at that point.



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