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Software Engineer a year ago

Why am I not getting any interviews?

Hello lovely people here at levels,fyi!

I am a software engineer based outside of the United States, trying to relocate there. 
I am actually just interested to leave the country I am based in, be it Europe or the States, but I am a citizen of the states(dual citizenship) so it seems easier.

I can't seem to be getting passed any screening, I don't know if it has to do with the fact that all my jobs were here, in Egypt, or am my resume is just not impressive? I don't know if I am allowed to share it here but I will as soon as I find out if its okay or not.

Does anybody has any specific tips as to how can I, at the very least, pass through the screening phase? I usually do my applications through linkedin.

Thank you so much!
19g618l48lv60oWeb Developer a year ago
Get a virtual USA number so that recruiters can contact you. Nobody is going to call an international number.

Mention your immigration status in your resume.

Try to have a neutral accent and practise recruiter calls.

Prepare resume to US standards (1 Page etc)

All these should help you get the foot in the door
EstrortaSoftware Engineer a year ago
I had no idea that they contact through phone was that important! I am getting a phone now on, thank you so much for your advice!



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