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Internships & Fellowships: Highschoolers

Hey, everyone new to FYI.Levels just recently got accepted after being on their waitlist for a good 3 weeks, I was basically wondering if you guys know of any high school opportunity internships for high schoolers remote specifically but I am located around the DC, Maryland & Virginia area. Im Currently, a Sophmore and have transcripts & a resume to back it up and any interview questions that arent so sophisticated around Python or any language im willing to learn. I've just been looking recently and haven't found anything for Semi - Intermdiate coders in my grade levelΒ unfortunately, I might gotta wait till college but was wondering so decided to ask you guys now. Thanks, for the responses ahead I'll make sure to reply back to them as well if there are any questions for me.Β 
yerrrrnycSoftware EngineerΒ 2 months ago
You should look up this program called AmericaOnTech. They do internships and classes at tech companies in NY: https://www.americaontech.org/ There is also high school hackathons that might be great to participate in, even if you don't have the technical exp. There will be kids your age who can share tips and stuff that work for them. https://hackathons.hackclub.com/



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