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Machine Learning Engineer 5 months ago

Computer Vision Engineering Roles Experience / Remote possibilities


I am a computer vision engineer with 8 years relevant experience in vision / mixed reality and autonomous cars. While I have a classic (slam, 3d reconstruction, ml) focus I also have 3 years relevant hands on in deep learning (semantic segmentation, 3d object detection, camera+lidar).

I find it difficult to find jobs in Europe and have the impression US companies have been hiring like crazy remote workers, and continue to do so for ML/AR despite hiring freezes in core areas.

What is your experience as a vision / ai developer? Do you find it hard to find work, especially remote? If not, do you apply directly to job ads or reach out to interesting companies? Do you have a PhD or are you seen as a high achiever personality? What is your typical downtime between jobs and what location are you based in?


duffycolaMachine Learning Engineer 5 months ago
as a comparison, my ios freelancer friends don‘t understand why I work for half their salary and why I have to go through coding and „I know more about what I‘ve been working on than you, so you can‘t be an expert“-type of interviews, when they simply reject any kind of activity that is more than an hour long phone call…