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Product Manager at Google6 months ago

PM Director @ Audible level/comp?

Hey world — PM @ Google, just got recruited for a PM Director role @ Audible (NYC-based). My understanding is that this role maps to the high end of Amazon L6 even though it does have direct people management responsibilities.

Audible or Amazon PMs: Would really appreciate help with these questions:

1. What comp range should I be pushing for?
2. How do Audible (or other subsidiary) levels map to Amazon levels?
3. How easy is mobility from an Amazon subsidiary to Amazon or another subsidiary?
19g6ul1quuhurProduct Manager at Google6 months ago
Talked to the recruiter and seems like this is equivalent to Amazon senior pm in terms of comp, which means that as a director at Audible, you will likely make considerably less than as an L5 PM at Google (estimated $100k difference for me). Wow.



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