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Software Engineerย 9 months ago

Harmonic inc opinion required

Hi All,

An invitation for interview from this company for Embedded Dev position. They work with video stuff, located in Beaverton OR and Vancouver, CA.

What do you guys think?


Harmonic | Faster Video Streaming | Virtualized Cable Access Networks

Harmonic | Faster Video Streaming | Virtualized Cable Access Networks

We are creating the future of video streaming and cable access solutions for your customers, today. Here at Harmonic our goal is your business success.

StinkyDiver109Marketingย 9 months ago
Go for it! If you have the time and mental capacity, doesnโ€™t hurt to put yourself in a position to find work you might enjoy.
19g6ul2ey7eu2Software Engineerย 8 months ago
Just completed the interview with them, it went pretty smooth. I'm working at Intel in EE country now, not sure if it's worth to change the job just to relocate... Maybe it's worth to ask Intel if they will relocate me and compare how much they will pay compared to this company XD



Software Engineer